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Sikh Genocide 84

Official Press Release

Gurbani Centre UK - 16 June 2019

The official launch of the Sikh Genocide 84 book took place on Friday, 14 June 2019 in Gray’s Inn Square, Central London. It was attended by around 70 guests. The speakers were Lord Carlile CBE QC, Ravi Singh (CEO of Khalsa Aid), Robin Marsh (Secretary General of The Universal Peace Federation), Nazar Lodhi (former councillor and head of a charity promoting community cohesion and human rights) and Justice Anup Singh Choudry, one of the authors of the book. All of the guest speakers have worked in various ways on issues relating to genocide.

Lord Carlile, who wrote the Foreward to the book and has been an independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, hosted the launch. Lord Carlile’s own family were victims of the holocaust. Lord Carlile described the book as “one of the most remarkable volumes in its genre”. He praised the book for containing not only the story of the Sikh genocide, but also for containing the supporting evidence and material. He also noted that “it’s the sort of book that says guilty guilty guilty guilty throughout, because nobody could deny what happened if they have just leafed through the book”.

Justice Choudry said in his speech that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his BJP had criticised the Congress government for the Sikh genocide. For instance, on 9 May 2019, the BJP tweeted “It’s on record of Nanavati Commission that probed the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, the biggest genocide of India, in which the government killed its own citizens, that instructions to kill came directly from the then PM Rajiv Gandhi’s office. The country awaits justice for this karma.” Notwithstanding this, Justice Choudry also highlighted various chapters from the book, demonstrating that isssues relating to the Sikh genocide are still continuing and the book is a must in educating future generations about the genocide.

Launch of Sikh Genocide 84 Book by Lord Carlile in London
Launch of Sikh Genocide 84 Book by Lord Carlile in London. From the left: Robin Marsh, Nazar Lodhi,Lord Carlile, Justice A Choudry,Ravi Singh.
Lord Carlile with some guests applauding the book
Lord Carlile with some guests applauding the book.

Ravi Singh, from his own extensive relief work in helping sufferers of the Yazidi genocide, concluded that the genocide of the Sikhs and the Yazidis is similar. Both lack a political voice, “lost in a system where oil and blood are mixed so cheaply, over human rights”. He said, “we are living in an age where no matter what sacrifices the Sikhs have made, it means nothing because trade will overcome all of those sacrifices.” He appealed to each country to take responsibility. He regretted that General Brar, one of the main perpetrators of the Sikh genocide, was freely allowed to enter and remain in the UK at various points over the past 35 years without any charges being brought against him. He appealed to the UK to change its approach and take a lead in issues relating to genocide, for example, by arresting anyone suspected of genocide upon landing in the UK. Ravi Singh said that he was grateful that the book and the panel had recognised the events perpetrated against the Sikhs as a genocide. He regretted that a lot of academics in the Sikh community were shying away from calling the actions against the Sikhs as a genocide due to various propaganda.

Robin Marsh recorded the general pattern that genocides tend to follow. First, discrimination and justification of isolating a particular community and of violence against them. Then, the intentional planning by a government apparatus against that particular community. Then the genocide itself, followed by the denial of that genocide. He recorded his sadness that genocides were still continuing. He described the international community as “very ineffective” at dealing with such issues, including at bringing charges relating to genocide to the International Criminal Court and in effectively using the apparatus of the Security Council at the United Nations. He said the apparatus of the current system “doesn’t work”. He recommended to the Sikh community that if it wanted to highlight the genocide perpetrated against it to a much wider audience, it should look to tell it as a story. He cited what the Armenian community had done through its film ‘The Promise’.

Mr Lodhi echoed this message, saying that the book could help produce a movie about the Sikh genocide, similar to Hotel Rwanda. He praised the book for being the “first of its kind” in relation to Sikh genocide and said that the manner in which the information had been laid out in the book made it “unbiased reading.” He described the book as an “eye opener.”

About the Book

State sponsored genocide from a Sikh perspectiveState sponsored genocide from a Sikh perspective

State sponsored genocide from a Sikh perspective

Sikh Genocide 84 is a collection of national press articles, internet reporting, interviews given by victims ,eye witness accounts, findings of official enquiries, and photos showing the massacre of innocent men women and children that was systematically planned by the Indian State and its agents as State terrorism and genocide against the Sikh minority which forms 1.4 percent of the Indian population.

The book also explores historical, religious, social and political background to the conflict between the monotheistic Sikh civilisation and polytheistic civilisation prevalent in India.

The unfettered power of the State with its national army that is entrusted to protect its borders and territorial integrity, was used to invade Golden temple complex, the headquarters of Sikhism under the military operation called ‘Blue Star’ in June 1984 and further military operations that followed for a decade. Genocide of the Sikhs and rape of Sikh women followed across India when approximately 50,000 Sikhs were lynched to death in most horrific methods of torture including neck lacing. Many Sikhs are languishing in jails after 30 years, having served their sentences under false and fabricated charges, under the draconian enactment - Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act 1985(TADA); the accused has to prove his innocence and special in-camera courts are set up where the identity of the witness is hidden.

It is estimated that some 250,000 Sikhs have disappeared since 1984, particularly the youth, in false police encounters in what may be described as the worst human rights violations and genocide anywhere in the world.

Purchasing the book

You can buy the book from our website with international and national shipping. Alternatively, you could purchase the book in person from the two outlets listed below:
DTF Books 117 Soho Road, Birmingham B21 9ST
Sikh Missionary Society8-10 Featherstone Road, Southall UB2 5AA


Lord Carlile of Berriew CBE,QC, LL,D

”Justice Choudry is a brave and honourable man, and a writer of great clarity. He is also a fine lawyer, who combines in his story and critique of the Temple massacre the evidential analysis that makes his conclusions unchallengeable. His accurate historical chronology and critique makes this an exceptional chronicle, with outstanding analysis.
This work is necessary reading. It will take its place with distinction in library and classroom alike.”

Table Of Contents






Chapter 1 Introduction

Battle of the Golden temple - Clash between Monotheistic and Polytheistic Civilisations

Chapter 2 Operation Blue Star - Genocide

Facts of genocide
Anti Sikh prelude
Anatomy of 1984 Sikh genocide
List of Murderers
What happened to Political leaders who organised genocide?

Chapter 3

Operation Woodrose

Chapter 4

Operation Black Thunder 1 and 2 and Operation Black Hawk, Operation Mouse Trap

Chapter 5

Photo Gallery of Genocide

Chapter 6

Operation Sudeekaran - Rape of Sikh Women

Chapter 7

Violation of human rights and fundamental freedoms of Sikhs

Chapter 8

Theo Political status of Golden temple

Chapter 9

British Complicity in Sikh Genocide

Chapter 10

Criminalising Sikh dissent

Chapter 11

List of Genocide by death toll

Chapter 12 Genesis of Sikh genocide

The Revolution
Khalistan Ideologue

Chapter 13 Instrument of Charter of Khalistan

Sikh Civilisation
Non performance of Obligations by Republic of India
Preamble to the Charter and Constitution of Khalistan
Charter of Khalistan
Draft of Constitution of Khalistan

Chapter 14 Copies of National press cuttings in 1984 -1989

Index of articles

Meet the Editors

Author Justice Anup Singh Choudry

Justice Anup Singh Choudry

Justice Anup Singh Choudry is a Sikh writer, scientist and a lawyer by background. He was born in Uganda, educated at Loughborough College and Cambridge University and retired as a High Court Judge in Uganda. He served in the War Crimes Court in Uganda and his experience inspired him to edit this volume on Sikh Genocide 84.

Author Surjit Singh Chowdhary

Surjit Singh Chowdhary

Surjit Singh Chowdhary is a British Sikh of Indian origin, an accountant by profession, and an author. Born in Uganda, he migrated to the UK in 1972 but as millions of Sikhs who have settled around the world, continues to identify with the Sikh culture, heritage and religion. He along with millions of other Sikhs around the world, watched helplessly in horror as the Golden Temple was desecrated in 1984 in what is now widely known as Blue Star Operation, followed by the genocide that was unleashed on the Sikh community in October of 1984, in the aftermath of Indira Gandhi’s assassination. These events motivated him to work on preserving the material as reported by the foreign press which have now been put together in this publication.

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